Over Time comprises of a series of landscape paintings whose topographies are derived from graph data. Zawada collected and compared a variety of data series that extrapolate information over time, focusing on the disconnect between causation and correlation in relationships between traceable phenomena, such as “Marijuana usage among year 12 students vs. CD and Vinyl record sales between 1975 and 2000” or “Value of land per square meter in Second Life vs. Value of land per square foot in Dubai between 2007 and 2009.” Produced around the same time as Google began its infamously erroneous Flu tracking project, it explores the obsession and misleading faith in big data. The graph data is manipulated through 3D software and the resulting environment becomes a virtual abstraction that mimics a mountainous landscape. Painted on linen, the landscapes are a response to the virtual reality of digital experiences that are demonstrated by the intrinsic flatness and surreal color palate. Invoking the robotics hypothesis of the “Uncanny Valley,” the works take on an android quality, a sense of reality but not quite, registering with the viewer as both familiar and alien.