Exhibited at the Laforet Museum in Harajuku, Tokyo, as part of a group show with Yoshi Rotten and Midori Kawano, Cornucopia of the Commons is an interactive installation. A totem of three tents stacked vertically, the upper two tents contain sculptural figures in seated positions, almost in prayer or meditation, one draped in a golden emergency blanket, the other in a chromakey green hooded sweatshirt. Each is sitting in front of a screen displaying a video game while also being filmed by individual cameras. The bottom tent contains a 3rd screen which in turn displays a composite of both video feeds from the upper tents, a video feed of the viewer facing the screen and a game environment which the viewer is free to explore.

Cornucopia of the Commons explores the idea of the community as it exists in the world of video game streaming platforms like Twitch. An world where communities come together from a string of solitary individuals and where gains can be made from action that creates no outcome other than virtual action for its own sake. Layers of reality and unreality fall in on themselves with the nesting of the webcam video feeds as the individuals involved become abstract representations of themselves, existing only in a transient, ephemeral and substance-free state.


*video contains strobing