The Popular Workshop, 1173 Sutter Street, San Francisco
8th November – 20th December 2013

Mathematizing thinking begets the triumph of machines over minds that have chosen to function as machines.

André Gorz

PWND explores the confused, contradictory and combative language in the discourse surrounding privacy, transparency and freedom in virtual environments. Archival inkjet prints, sculpture, video, and interactive works draw upon the visual language of skinning, camouflage and obfuscation to connect the visceral humanist effects that ripple outward from the mixture of masculine teenage angst, puritanical rationalism and militaristic purpose that underpin many of our contemporary digital structures.

Rendezvous Point (Beta)
40 x 60in (101 x 152 cm)
Archival inkjet print on paper
White Hat
Maple and automotive paint, 30 x 30 x 16 in

Spinning top sculptural forms derived from the radial rotation of military drones.

Google Street View augmented with cockpits from video game mechs.