Sarah Cottier Gallery
November 19 – December 19, 2015

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My Sentiments Exactly extends on my prior exploration of the impulsive, unconsidered gesture through a digital interface. A series of meticulously precise oil paintings show organically disrupted patterns suggestive of the horizontal scan lines of CRT televisions as well as the oily residue left by our fingertips on a touch screen device – a trace of our interaction. Alongside the paintings are a series of printed t-shirts featuring poems constructed from the mobile predictive text bar which are strewn across the floor.

Accompanying the physical exhibition is a video game work wherein the architecture of the gallery space was recreated and the viewer can explore and manipulate it through altered physics, jettisoning objects defined by the predictive text mechanic while snippets of the poems are broadcast through the virtual environment. The exhibition explores space between the algorithmic and the organic, and idea of communication without transmission or message.