Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences asked me to produce a series of imagery for its inaugural MAAS Ball, a fashion oriented fundraising event. I was given access to the Museum’s permanent collection of objects and garments which spans several centuries and created suspended totems combining objects from vastly different eras and cultures. I remodelled each piece and once modelled was able to manipulate and bring to life many objects which are too delicate to be moved from storage. This enabled me to recontextualize many incredible pieces of craftsmanship and give them an energy, vibrancy and dynamism which is vital to fashion but which is often missing from museum presentations where they are restricted to being draped over a mannequin or secured in glass boxes. The pieces explored delicate interplay between colour, texture and form. The works were used online, in print both small and large scale at the event as well as being animated and presented on site at the museum.