(Los Angeles, CA)—L.A.’s pop-up design gallery FURTH YASHAR & presents Open House: new bodies of work by Los Angeles-based artist-makers, Elyse Graham, Alex Hagentorn, Alex J. Reed and Jonathan Zawada shown in the world-renowned Schindler House. In participation with MAK Center for Art and Architecture, this unusual exhibition highlights four Angeleno makers in the context of a radically pioneering home. The show advances the timeless narrative of Los Angeles as a blank slate on which burgeoning young creatives break with tradition and leave their mark. 

Show previews on April 26, 2018, at the Schindler House in L.A.’s West Hollywood neighborhood, and will be open by through May 27, 2018.
A new generation of ascendant artist-makers will collapse and expand the hierarchy that separates fine art and craft within the hallowed walls of the Schindler House. On the eve of his one hundred year anniversary of coming to Los Angeles, we will celebrate Schindler’s break from his position under Frank Lloyd Wright to establish himself as the preeminent architect of the
modern style. Designed in 1921, the Schindler House was conceived as an experiment in communal living to be shared with another couple, Clyde and Marian Chace. There were four rooms, one for each person to express his or her individuality. Under the auspices of the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, this vital space for connection and inspiration will once more carry the torch of progressive design by anchoring new works from four LA-based artist-makers advancing their practices across a broad array of mediums.