In Real 3D, Zawada has turned his attention to a more abstract set of works that demonstrate an altogether different set of phenomena. A series of steel frames have been wrapped in layers of fluorescent sports mesh with startlingly optical results. The cumulative effect of the successive geometric layers is a pulsing “moiré” effect that is altogether alive, much more than the sum of its component parts, and demonstrative of theories of “Emergent Phenomena”.

“The mesh pieces are visual recreations of the concept of light as both wave and particle. They are visual metaphors of Claude Shannon’s development of discrete, sequential binary operations creating a logical
whole. Douglas Hofstadter’s articulation of emergent phenomena is particularly apt: As an example of an emergent phenomenon, Hofstadter tells of the time he tried to take out a wedge of old envelopes from a box
in his drawer, and could swear he felt a marble nestled among them. It turned out that the uncanny appearance of a marble was produced by the extra layers around the joint of the envelopes’ “ V”. Ultimately, he proposes, our self is an emergent appearance of this sort. In fact, it is the most real emergent object in our inner world.”


Collectively titled Run DNA, these works are obdurately minimal (lines and voids—a succession of binary ons and offs), yet simultaneously windows into psychedlia, with the layered grids creating curves and lively gestures that don’t sit still. The mesh works are accompanied by Continuous Process, a drawing of a racing greyhound executed meticulously in fine pencil. The tensile energy of this image is simultaneously unwound by a lyrical ribbon of erasure; a hand-made rendition of a Photoshop gesture. In the corner of the gallery sits a curious still life: On a Mountain Dew, an editioned table of multi coloured marble & rubber designed by Zawada. Sitting on the table is a bottle of that most evil of confections; Mountain Dew—a highly caffeinated soft drink, loaded with sugars. Spraying happily from this exceedingly synthetic liquid is a bunch of field flowers. Nature and artifice co-existing.