Created with Kim Laughton, Goldfish was an installation presented at the 2015 Tomorrow’s Party art and music festival in Beijing. The piece started with thinking about the GPU, the processing unit responsible for both digital graphics and much of AI. We imagined a much hyped AI system that had been abandoned and left to its own devices. Buried beneath the desert, its water cooling system had become overrun with goldfish and the AI had begun imagining a world above filled with the fish. The installation consisted of large LED wall showing a real-time game environment populated with giant schools of fish, their movements determined by the movements of real goldfish in the real gallery space. Other environmental triggers such as sound and crowd movements triggered changes in the in-game world. The physical installation consisted of the bank of computers running the simulation suspended over a pond of water containing 200 goldfish. Lighting, fans and multiple other displays present more dynamic visualizations revealing how the system was perceiving the world around it. We also created 100 unique phone sized displays with 3D printed charms running loops of video content derived from the system in addition to a number of other promotional items from the imagined Goldfish AI marketers.