I had the honour of being appointed as the Director of the Lighting of the Sails of the Sydney Opera House for Vivid 2018. I was asked to create a 15 minute projection mapped video work which was projected onto the Sydney Opera House for the three week duration of the festival. The work I created was called Metamathemagical and explored the idea of creation from both the micro/individual perspective and also the macro/cosmic perspective. The work drew upon Australian flora and fauna geology, referenced Australian artists who have inspired me over the years. I wanted to the piece to speak to Australia as a distinctly elemental environment, timeless and also completely full of energy.

“Metamathemagical begins as an ode to industry, geometric shapes revolve around and crash against a variety of utilitarian objects. These objects are subsumed by water, metal and rock that cause the surface to crack, bubble, crumble and purge. Rebirth comes with sprouting ferns, mushrooms and flowers of kinds both real and imagined. Nature’s pure fractals populate and fill Utzon’s exemplar of spherical geometry.

With the intrusion of digits and abstract appendages, the human form begins to evolve. Waking hands grasp and grab, balance and reach, until the body that controls them reveals itself. Glitching and writhing as if trying to get comfortable inside the building’s womb, the body eventually stretches out in repose, bathing in the ecstasy of human creativity.”

Sarah Rees, Curator, Contemporary Art , Sydney Opera House